For Employers

The answer to getting better value in health care is in benefit plan design.

We help companies move from insurer driven health plans to employer driven health plans. With a combined 30 years of health care delivery experience and 40 years of health benefits expertise, we are experts at assisting companies in buying care smarter. Being a full-serve benefits company, we can provide all levels of service to you and your employers:

  • We transition your employees to better benefits in incremental “crawl-walk-run” steps to minimize disruption.
  • Each step means added savings that you and your employees can share.

It’s time to think differently about your health care spend. Just say no to 10% annual premium increases and more employee cost-sharing.  

Reasons to Work with Health Value Solutions

Health care is too expensive
Large employers are buying care differently
With us, any company can buy care smarter

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