For Providers

What is your path to Quadruple Aim of lower costs, better outcomes, and a better patient and provider experience?

Fee-for-service, volume-based care is dominated by discounters. Value, or outcome-based care will be dominated by the providers. It is your time. 

If Direct Contracting is the future of care delivery are you ready?
Who can help you engage with buyers in this way?
What if employers will pay a premium for a better outcome?
What is a reasonable approach to shared-risk/shared savings?

The pathway to value and the Quadruple Aim is through direct contracting and benefit design. At Health Value Solutions we have a combined 30 years of health care delivery experience and 40 years of health benefits expertise. Health Value Solutions can help you become a value provider and buyer/employer. Help drive our transformation to value.

Reasons to Work with Health Value Solutions

Third-party discounters dominate the volume-based delivery market
Providers will dominate value (or outcome) based delivery market
Work smarter, not harder. Contract directly with buyers and diversify your revenue streams.

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